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Integrative Health Inc. emphasizes wellness of the entire person, so you can perform at your best. Whether you are coming in to prepare for a sporting event, recovering from a sporting event, or suffering from an injury, you will find our services are unique and customized to the needs of your body.

Our practitioners are certified professionals, who are among the highest caliber in their fields. Our facility offers the convenience of a vast array of therapies and tools in one location.

Sports Therapies is located at our Greenwood Village location.

Free Consultations are Available.
Call 303-577-9977.

Membership Breakdown


Basic Health Membership             $49.95/month

  • UNLIMITED Therapy Tools

  • Discounted Heat Laser ($40/ 15min)

  • Discounted Therapy Sessions (10% off)

  • Discounted Orthotics (10% off)

  • Discounted Hyperberic ($40/ 60min)


Intermediate Health Membership  $79.95/month

  • UNLIMITED Therapy Tools

  • INCLUDES 1 Hyperbaric, 1 Heat Laser (15min) per month

  • DISCOUNTED Oxygen mask, therapy sessions, and orthotics.


Advanced Health Membership      $119.95/month

  • UNLIMITED Therapy Tools and 1 Oxygen Mask

  • INCLUDES 2 Hyperbaric, 2 Heat Lasers (15min), 
    1 Follow-up Therapy session, per month

  • DISCOUNTED orthotics and additional therapy sessions


Ultimate Health Membership       $179.95/month

  • UNLIMITED Therapy Tools and 1 Oxygen Mask

  • INCLUDES 4 Hyperbaric, 4 Heat Lasers (15min), 1 Follow-up Therapy session, per month

  • DISCOUNTED Orthotics and additional therapy sessions


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Membership Details


Sports Therapies and Tools

Sports Therapies Tools

Compression Boots

NormaTec Compression Boots use 
sequential pulse technology, based on 
normal physiology, and combines three 
distinctive massage techniques to speed-up 
the body’s normal recovery process.


Member: Unlimited

Nonmember: $25


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Game Ready Cryotherapy

Game Ready helps patients 
and athletes come back faster 
after an injury or surgery with 
cold compression.


Member: Unlimited

Nonmember: $35

Whole Body Cryotherapy discounted 10%. Read more on Whole Body Cryotherapy


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Deep Tissue Heat Laser

Using a Class 4 Aspen Laser System, patients will experience pain relief, reduced inflammation and increased recovery time. The laser converts light into biochemical energy, which causes symptoms (ie pain) to disappear, increases vasodilation (blood supply), and reduces swelling. Improved microcirculation increases the supply of cellular nutrition, promoting tissue repair and remodeling.


Level 1 (15 minutes)

Nonmember: $55

Basic: $40

Intermediate: 1 Included

Advanced: 2 Included

Ultimate: 4 Included


Level 2 (30 minutes)

Nonmember: $85

Basic: $60

Intermediate: $30

Advanced: 1 Included

Ultimate: 2 Included


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Gait Scan (Orthotics)

Innovative diagnostic tool and digital casting device allows 
practitioners to analyze patient biomechanics and customize exercises, 
treatment protocols and orthotic products.


Member: Unlimited

Nonmember: $60


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Customized Orthotics

Member: 10% off

Nonmember: $199.95


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Hyperbartic Chamber

Hyperbartic oxygen therapy helps reduce inflammation and consequently pain, 
in addition to aiding in the formation of new blood cells, collagen, and skin cells.

  • Muscle fatigue recovery

  • Concussion

  • Chronic traumatic encephalopathy

  • Broken bone recovery

  • Repair muscles and ligaments



Hyperbaric Session (60 minutes)

Nonmember: $70

Basic: $40

Intermediate: 1 Included

Advanced: 2 Included

Ultimate: 4 Included


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MRS System

Utilizing the iMRS to stimulate cellular repair, 
this system uses directed pulsed magnetic fields through injured tissue 
to help in the treatment of non-union fractures and failed fusions.


Member: Unlimited

Nonmember: $40


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Roller Table

The ultimate spinal mobilization and pre-adjustment chiropractic tool. The roller table has perfectly shaped rollers that break-up stubborn muscle tissue and spasms with deep shiatsu massage while simultaneously separating spinal vertebrae. Adjustable pressure, vibratory massage and movement.


Member: Unlimited

Nonmember: $15


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Sports Therapies Packages

Package discount cannot be combine with other discounts, packages, or certificates       

  Sports Therapy Tools                                          Follow-up Therapeutic Services  

  5 PACK – Save $5 off/visit                                     5 PACK – Save $5 off/visit 

 10 PACK- Save $10 off/visit                                  10 PACK- Save $10 off/visit 

 15 PACK- Save $15 off/visit                                    20 PACK- Save $15 off/visit 

 20 PACK- Save $20 off/visit   

 25 PACK- Save $25 off/ visit   

 30 PACK- Save $30 off/ visit


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Sports Therapies Services



Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a common practice for professional athletes to decrease healing times and resolve stubborn ailments. Acupuncture helps with both acute traumatic and chronic injuries, alleviating pain and reducing swelling. Dry needling and Knife needling are two other methods used to relieve muscle pain.

Acupuncture $120 initial, $70 follow-up

Click for more information on Acupuncture


Body Engineering

Body Engineering draws upon and utilizes over a dozen different active and passive therapies, while using a variety of diagnosis’s, to create a customized therapy for your musculoskeletal conditions.


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Experts estimate that 90% off all-world-class athletes use chiropractic care to prevent injuries and increase their performance potential.

Athletes who remove nerve interference in their spines demonstrate faster reaction times, increased accuracy and improved overall performance.

Chiropractic $80 initial, $40 follow-up

Click here for more information on Chiropractic


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Cupping is a method that pulls tissue and muscles upwards,

like an inverse massage, to remove toxins from the body and

stimulate fresh blood flow and lymph.


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Dao Needle Therapy

Our acupuncturists utilize three needling techniques, biomedical acupuncture, Dao needling and trigger point dry needling for acute and chronic pain, systematic pain and musculoskeletal conditions.


Click for more information.


Initial Treatment (30min) - $75 
Follow-up Treatment (15min) - $55


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Postural Alignment Therapy

Using The Egoscue Method, our Postual Alignment Therapy focuses on a series of gentle exercises and stretches to correct mis-alignments and reintroduce proper body function. Benefits include long-term pain relief, injury prevention, improved performance, flexibility and strength.

Egoscue Method $160 initial, $120 follow-up


Click for more information on Postural Alignment Therapy


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Fascia Stretching

Fascia is a rubber band like material that returns your body to its original position after being elongated. Any trauma to the body is stored in the fascia and can warp its natural form, therefore holding a person in a “damaged position.”


Fascia stretching allows the body to move optimally by thinning excessive build-up of fascia around your muscles and other soft tissues.


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Gua Sha

Using a specific spoon-like guasha tool to rub or scrape over an injury or sore muscle, this technique helps increase blood-flow, while releasing trapped lactic and uric acid.

Gua Sha $25


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Kinesio Tapping

Kinesio Taping is a definitive rehabilitative taping technique that improves the body’s healing process while providing support and stability, without compromising the body’s range of motion.


The tape is latex-free and can be wore for days at a time.


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Massage aids athletes with three phases of conditioning: Tearing down phase (body is pushed to the limit), Recovery phase (body rebuilds) and Build-up phase (system adapts to new demands). Massage also allows athletes to heal faster from injuries and prevent future injuries by improving circulation, and increasing flexibility.

Massage $65 - $85

Click for more information on Massage


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Nerve Flossing

This physical therapy technique can help improve mobility and resolve chronic pain through specific exercises.


These exercises are designed to restore motion between a pinched nerve and its surrounding soft-tissues.


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Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition focuses on nutrition practices that enhance lifelong health, fitness and sports performance.


This service includes nutritional counseling and education to enhance the performance of competitive and recreational athletes.


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Membership Details and Restrictions:


Sports Therapy Memberships fees are set-up for monthly automatic credit card payments. Memberships can be canceled at any time, member will be charge for one additional month, then no future charges will occur.

Included Deep Tissue Heat Laser and Follow-up Therapy Sessions DO NOT roll-over and must be used within the month.