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Acupuncture is based on ancient Chinese theories of the flow of Qi (Energy) and Xue (Blood) through distinct meridians or pathways that cover the body, like nerves and blood vessels. Integrative Health offers traditional acupuncture, 5 element, dry needling and NAET with Cold Laser. Acupuncture can help with a variety of conditions including, but not limited to, musculoskeletal pain, stress/anxiety, migraines, stroke residuals, digestive issues, immune system, fertility and more. Click for more information.


  • Initial Acupuncture Evaluation and Treatments: $120

  • Follow-up Acupuncture Treatments: $80

  • Follow-up Dry/Dāo Needle Therapy- $60-$80

  • Follow-up Acu/Dāo Needle Combo - $95

  • Cupping (15-30min) - $45-$80

Prepaid package options available on follow-up visits.

Body Engineering

​Body Engineering includes functional tests, muscular and postural analysis, followed by a combination of services, including acupuncture, manual therapy, deep tissue heat laser and/or the egoscue method. The treatment is personalized and determined by you and your therapist, in order to meet your needs.

  • Initial Body Engineering (90min)- $180

  • Follow-up Body Engineering (60)- $140


Prepaid package options available on follow-up visits.


​Chiropractic care corrects misalignments in the joints of the spine and body to increase healing, well-being and relieve pain. Our chiropractors focus on addressing the entire system and correcting all causes of pain, discomfort and decreased lifestyle. Several factors are considered, including spinal health, joint mobility, nerve integrity, overall patient nutrition and exercise levels.


Click for more information.

  • Initial Chiropractic Session- Includes consultation, examination and chiropractic adjustment if appropriate:  $100

  • Follow Up Session- Routine visit with spinal adjustment: $50

  • Extended Follow Up Session- Includes spinal and extremity manipulations, spinal decompression, manual therapy, laser and/or personalized exercises: $90.

Prepaid package options available on follow-up visits.

Corporate Wellness

Many business owners understand that health, happy employees are productive and positive. We can turn any of our services into corporate wellness programs.

We customize our corporate wellness services to fit the needs of your company and employees.


Integrative Health is available for Health Fairs, can customized in-office services and/or lectures, Lunch'n Learns. We even organize Spa Days at local Apartment Complexes. Click here for more information.



Most Popular Services:


  • Massage

  • Acupuncture

  • Postural Analysis

  • Chiropractic

  • Laser Therapy

  • Physical Therapy

  • Hormone Therapy

Cryotherapy - Wholebody

Whole Body Cryotherapy with the RecoveryXR chamber surrounds your body, up to the neck, with extremely cold (up to -220°F ), non-toxic nitrogen gas. This dry chill allows you to experience a pleasant cooling sensation, not a bone-chilling feeling of an ice-bath, while naturally triggering your body's most powerful healing and wellness mechanisms. It is a natural wellness treatment with no negative side effects recorded to date.

Read more about how Whole Body Cryotherapy works and how it differs from an ice bath.

Click Here for Benefits and Clinical Studies on Whole Body Cryotherapy

Preparing for a Whole Body Cryotherapy session, what to bring and contraindications.

  • $50 per visit

  • Introductory Special, Two for $50


Prepaid package options available on follow-up visits.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show Uses Cryo Innovations XR Cryotherapy Chamber, WATCH HERE.

Cryotherapy - Game Ready

Game Ready Cryotherapy and Compression utilizes different sleeves for different parts of the body, allowing for localized, cold compression


  • Single Area/Session: $35


Additional information and discounts available through our Sports Therapy Memberships.

Dāo Needle Therapy

Our acupuncturists utilize three needling techniques, biomedical acupuncture, Dāo needling and trigger point dry needling for acute and chronic pain, systematic pain and musculoskeletal conditions.


Click for more information.


  • Initial Treatment (60-90min) - $120 

  • Follow-up Treatment - $60 to $80

  • Follow-up Acu/Dāo Needle Combo - $95

Prepaid package options available for follow-up visits.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

​There is a wide variety of circumstances and conditions that can contribute to the cause of ED. ED can occur due to many conditions such as hormone imbalances, high blood pressure, drug and alcohol use, stress, depression, and more. Though all men experience ED at some point or another, it is important to recognize the symptoms within yourself as well as how often they occur. If symptoms occur on a regular basis and persist, you should seek assistance by a men’s sexual health professional. Treatments available include: Shock Wave Therapy, Hormone Therapy, Acupuncture, and Chinese Herbal Formulas.  

  • Shock Wave Therapy single session: $200

  • Shockwave Prepaid 6-Pack: $900

  • Testosterone Injections: Call Rocky Mountain Hormone Directly at (303) 917-7177

Functional Medicine

​Personalized medicine that deals with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of symptoms for serious chronic diseases, including, but not limited to endocrine disorders (Diabetes, thyroid, imbalances), neurological disorders (ADD/ADHA, autism, depression), autoimmune disorders (Hashimotos), hormonal imbalances (infertility, PCOS, menopause, low libido) and inflammatory disorders.


Click for more information.


  • Initial Consult and Visit (60min) - $120.00 

  • Follow-up Visit (30min) - $80 

  • Add-on acupuncture treatment (additional 30min) - $40

Prepaid package options available on follow-up visits.

Health Consultation

​Whether you are seeking an alternative to surgery or medication, recovering from an injury, looking for expert advice on ways to augment your healthy lifestyle or simply wanting to indulge in a world class massage, we are here to help you choose the service and provider best suited for your needs.


Click for more information.


Initial Consultation - Free
Talk to a Therapist - Free

Hormone Replacement Therapy


It is important that Hormone Health Therapy is based upon your individual needs and designed to improve the balance of your primary sex hormones. Reduced levels of estrogen, testosterone and progesterone are restored so that your overall health is revived. The plant-derived compound is safe and has very few side effects while is offers a molecular match to the hormones that are naturally produced in our bodies. Pellets are time released and offer hormone balancing related to the deficiencies caused by the aging process. The bio-natural therapy was first introduced in 1993 to successfully replace the sex stimulating hormones. Rocky Mountain Health treatments are more effective, with less risk, than synthetic hormones.


Pellet implants have consistently been shown to improve:












Hormone imbalances in men can cause symptoms like a decreased libido, hair loss, erectile issues, a lack of energy and noticeable changes in muscle mass. These can be treated with the help of hormone therapy and having you feeling like your young, energetic self again. 

Testosterone is a sex hormone produced by the human body. Testosterone is largely responsible for libido and sperm development. It is also a proponent of maintaining bone and muscle mass. The aging process will cause the production of testosterone to decrease. This can cause many symptoms and many times those are accepted as normal signs of aging. If any of these symptoms have impacted your life, the only way to know if hormone replacement therapy would benefit you would be to have a specialist run a blood test.

Contact Rocky Mountain Hormone & Weight Loss Clinic for a free consultation, service pricing and to schedule an appointment.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) helps reduce inflammation and consequently pain,  in addition to aiding in the formation of new blood cells, collagen, and skin cells.






  • Single Session: $70

Prepaid package and membership options available.

Injection Therapy

​Injection Therapy may treat a variety of conditions including metabolic function, arthritis, anxiety, cold and flu resistance, inflammation alleviation, skin tightening and rejuvenation, plus much more!  Injection therapy is designed to stimulate natural healing within the body, resulting in the resolution of symptoms, rather than suppression of symptoms. Injections available include: B12, Vitamin C, D3, Zinc, Glutathione, Engystol, Echinacea, Gelsemium, Aurum, Lymphomyosot, Traumeel, Zeel, Guna Made, Guna Omeoformula 1.


Trigger point injection therapy is focused on musculoskeletal aches and pains. Includes muscle and functional tests, followed by injection therapy in one or more areas.

  • Initial Trigger Point Injection Therapy (60min): $120

  • Follow Up Trigger Point (30min): $95

  • Add-on Injection: $30

Prepaid package options available on follow-up visits.


Acupoint Injection therapy is focused on single issues, such as anxiety or cold and flu, and no initial visit is required.

  • Acupoint Injection Therapy (15min): $40

  • Add-on: $30

Vitamin & Mineral Injections bypass the digestive system by injecting into the gluteus maximum (upper buttocks), for full absorption. 

  • Single Injection: $20

Intravenous (IV) Therapy

IV Therapy delivers fluids, medication, supplements and vitamins directly to the blood stream. IV Therapy allows a higher absorption of nutrients than oral administration, and can be safely administered without upsetting the stomach.

How can IV Therapy Benefit You?

  • Hydration, pre and post-workout, Anti-aging and wellness, Immune Boost, Cold/Flu, Weight Loss, Nutrition deficiency, B12, Vitamin C Supplements, Inflammation fighter, Fatigue and Jet-lag recovery and more!

Choose from one of our IV Drips, or customize your own.

  • Immune Boost IV Drip: $130

    • Vitamin C, Magnesium, Vitamin B & Zinc

  • Detox IV Drip: $130

    • Vitamin C, Glutathione, Magnesium & Vitamin B)

  • Meyer's Cocktail IV Drip: $140

    • Vitamin C, Methyl B12, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin B, Zinc)

  • Performance & Recovery IV Drip: $150

    • Amino B12, Calcium, Glutathione, Magnesium, Vitamin B)

  • Customized IV Drip: starting at $70

    • 1L Saline IV

    • Add-ons: $20-$40 each (Vitamin C, Amino B12, Vitamin B,  Calcium, Magnesium, Glutathione, Methyl B12, Zinc)


CONTRAINDICATIONS: Any cardiac condition, renal disease, GI disease, electrolyte abnormalities, uncontrolled hypertension, diabetes, pregnancy, ages younger than 18 years or over 65 years of age.

If any of the following contraindications apply, you are not eligible for IV Therapy, however, Injection Therapy, may be an appropriate alternative. 

Deep Tissue Heat Laser Therapy

Integrative Health uses a non-invasive class-4 Deep Tissue Heat Laser.


The Deep Tissue Heat laser is an FDA cleared, non-invasive tool used to reduce pain and inflammation. It can be used safely as an adjunct or replacement for pharmaceutical drugs, an alternative to surgery and a tool to improve healing after an injury.



  • Initial evaluation and one treatment area: $70

  • One Treatment Area: $55

  • Two Treatment Areas: $85

  • Add-on one treatment area to another service: $40


Click for more information about Deep Tissue Heat Laser Therapy.

Read an article on how Jared Allen, NFL player, used the Heat Laser to play in Super Bowl 50


​Our experienced massage therapists work with serious injuries, trauma, structural issues and athletes, in addition to relaxation. Massage helps restore form and function, while relieving pain and preventing injury.


Some of the techniques used by our therapist include, but are not limited to, deep tissue, neuromuscular, myofascial release, trigger-point, pre-natal, structural integration, Ashiatsu barefoot therapy, cold and hot stone therapy, craniosacral, and more.


Click for more information.


  • 30 minute: $45

  • 60 minute: $80

  • 90 minute: $110

  • 2 hour: $140

Prepaid package options available.


Utilizing the iMRS to stimulate cellular repair, this system uses directed pulsed magnetic fields through inured tissue to help in the treatment of non-union fractures and failed fusions.


Click for more information.

  • Single Session: $40

Prepaid package and membership options available.


Providing the best medical care in the area for women’s health, with full obstetrical services, along with treatment of high risk pregnancies. Additional gynecologic services include contraception, menopause management, infertility, health maintenance and indicated gynecologic surgical procedures.

Susan Moison, MD and Cheryl Kohrs, CNM with Consultants in OB / GYN, are available at Integrative Health Inc on Wednesdays & Thursdays. Request this location upon scheduling.


Call 303-322-2240 to schedule and ask to be scheduled at the Integrative Health, Inc. location.


Orthotics -
Gait Scan

​Innovative diagnostic tool and digital casting device allows practitioners to analyze patient biomechanics and customized exercises, treatment protocols and customized orthotic products.


Click here for more information.

  • Gait Scan Analysis: $60

  • Customized Orthotics: $199.95

Gait Scan service fee waived with same-day order of customized orthotics from The Orthotic Group.

Membership options are available.

Physical Therapy

We provide focused and individualized physical therapy services with compassion and excellence. We are committed to being part of your team to maximize your physical potential and offer a unique experience that enables you to return to your physical activities quickly, with increased ease and confidence.


Our treatment plans include the following:

  • Discussion to address your concerns, goals and accomplishments desired through your physical therapy program • Full body evaluation and movement assessment

  • Hands-on treatment using Manual Therapy, Myofascial Release and Joint Mobilization techniques

  • Customized home self-treatment program, including appropriate therapeutic exercises and progression

  • Treatment plan on how often and frequently you will need to follow up to address and correct your problem.

Our treatment philosophy can be broken down into 4 phases.


  • Phase 1 Decrease your pain and symptoms.

  • Phase 2 Identify and correct the cause of your problem once your pain and symptoms are under control.

  • Phase 3 Reduce the likelihood of re-occurrence of your problem by helping you make your body stronger, more stable and/or more flexible.

  • Phase 4 Providing you with the tools to help you treat yourself should the problem return.


My patients are like my friends and family and are treated as such. Each session is dedicated to you for the purpose of your well-being or recovery. Each session is yours and yours alone, never to be shared with someone else. This is how you should be treated. This is how you get better. This is how you are respected and cared for at Harmon Physical Therapy​

  • Initial Evaluation & Session: $150

  • Follow-up Session:$125

  • Express Follow-up: $70

Prepaid package options are available on follow-up sessions.

Postural Alignment Therapy

​Posture alignment is health through movement. This therapy helps relieve chronic pain, such as, TMJ, carpal tunnel, neck, back, knee and shoulder pain, and much more though personalized exercises and stretches.


Click for more information.

Read this article about The Egoscue Method from the Denver Post


  • Initial (90min): $180 

  • Follow-up (60min): $120 

  • Fine-tune/Maintenance (30min): $60 

Prepaid package options are available.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy relieves both acute and chronic pain, while restoring mobility in soft and connective tissues. This non-invasive therapy can help with a variety of different issues, including:

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Myofasical trigger points

  • Calcification in the tissues

  • Scar tissue

  • Bursitis

  • Shin splints

  • Stress fractures

  • Non-healing ulcers

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • and more

  • Initial Consult and Treatment: $180

  • Follow-up Level One: $100

  • Follow-up Level 2: $150

  • Add-on Level One:  $80

Spinal Decompression

​Spinal Decompression Therapy is a non-surgical traction based treatment for herniated, bulging discs, or radiating nerve pain in the neck and lower back.  By cycling through distraction and relaxation phases and by proper positioning, a spinal disc can be placed under negative pressure, causing a vacuum effect within it. The objective of decompression is to reduce the pressure inside the disc and facilitate the transfer of fluids, nutrients and oxygen back inside the disc. 

  • Initial Decompression Session: $70

  • Follow Up Session- $50

  • Add-on Decompression to another service: $40

Weight Loss

SlimDown4Life is a comprehensive weight loss and nutrition coaching program. We empower patients by providing them with education, practical behavioral strategies, well-balanced and tasty Ideal Protein food choices, and ongoing support to make long-term life changes.  


For Ideal Protein Protocol details or ordering questions, call 720-233-7946, or visit their website at

Rocky Mountain Hormone & Weight Loss Clinic offers a couple different medical weight loss programs to accommodate each patient. For scheduling call 303-917-7177 or visit their website at




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