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Nutrients to Consider during COVID-19

There is only one wellness topic on everyone’s mind right now, COVID-19/Coronavirus. See what research our Licensed Acupuncturist Andrea Tess Yamada, LAc found.

Nutrients to Consider

* Antioxidants (lipoic acid, ferulic acid and sulporaphane)- Have the potential for boosting the type 1 interferon response to RNA viruses (including influenza and coronavirus). Even better, there is some evidence that certain antioxidants could help fight off inflammation in the lungs caused by viral infections.

* Selenium- Deficient mice are more likely to get the flu, and selenium deficiency also promotes virus replication. Selenium deficiency also increases the rate at which viruses can mutate, potentially creating more virulent strains that may be better at avoiding detection.

* Spirulina- Has been shown to decrease influenza mortality in mice. Yes, mice, but the mechanism by which it works functions the same way in humans.

* Glucosamine- Dampens inflammatory reactions and therefore may help protect the lungs in case of infection.

* N-Acetylcysteine (NAC)- promotes glutathione production, the “master antioxidant.” It’s also mucolytic, which means it can clear up mucus and help get rid of gunk in your chest and nose. This has shown to be particularly helpful in the elderly, perhaps because plasma cysteine levels and cellular glutathione levels tend to decline with advancing age.

* Vitamin C- At this time there are numerous studies underway showing good results for treating COVID-19/Coronavirus. Vitamin C helps in multiple ways. It can help prevent the onset of sepsis-related lung damage (a major concern for anyone who is hospitalized). It helps shorten the duration of the common cold and some studies have shown that low vitamin C levels are related to increased flu risk. And it is known to play a role in killing viruses and preventing their replication.

* Chinese Herbs-Chinese herbal formulas have a long history of helping people not get sick and minimizing symptoms. Most recently herbs were used by healthcare workers in the SARS epidemic to boost immunity. The formulas being used to treat COVID-19/Coronavirus today are modifications of Qing Fei Yang. This is not a preventive herbal formula but one that is taken to minimize symptoms when someone is already ill. For prevention Jade Windscreen or Immune + is used.

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