Intake Form for Initial Acupuncture or Dry Needling Visit and/or Consultation. Click Below for Acupuncture Consent Forms.

Sign the first page, plus the two consent forms with your acupuncturists name on them.

Please complete intake form for Acupoint Injection Therapy. If coming in for Acupuncture appointment as well, please complete the Acupuncture Intake forms above. 

Complete intake form for your initial B12 injection.

Complete intake form for the initial chiropractic visit

Click here for to complete intake online. For information on what to bring for your session and contraindications, click here.

Please complete intake form for shock wave therapy specifically for ED and/or the Acupuncture intake form

Initial Intake for Funcational Medicine

Complete Intake for Initial Consultation

Intake for initial treatment in Hyperbaric Chamber

Please complete the initial intake for IV Therapy

Intake Form for Deep Tissue Heat Laser

Initial Intake for Massage Therapy

Please complete the attached intake form for your initial Physical Therapy evaluation

Intake for Initial Postural Alignment Session

Complete this general intake form for our Sports Therapies Tools. Additional intakes may be need for certain therapies.

Initial Consultation with SlimDown4Life

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