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Phone Consultations


Herbal Consultations

Speak with a Licensed Acupuncturist for recommendations for diet, Chinese herbal formulas and supplements. Helpful for preventative measures or current symptoms.

Schedule Online or Call 303-577-9977.

Ideal Protein Coaching

Speak with Dawn from SlimDown4Life for your follow-up Ideal Protein coaching. Products can be ordering during this time or submitted online at

Schedule Online or Call 303-577-9977. For help with the online ordering system, contact Dawn directly at 303-905-9311.

Video Communication Services


Ergonomic Evaluation
Meet with a Postural Alignment Specialist to go over your work station, whether at-home or in-office. Improve efficiency, productivity and reduce discomfort.

Schedule online or call 303-577-9977.

Health and Wellness Coaching
Speak with a practitioner regarding your current symptoms for recommendations, such as exercises, stretches, self-massage techniques, acupressure points, supplements, etch.

Schedule online or call 303-577-9977.

Rehabilitation, Exercises & Stretches
Discuss your current symptoms with a Doctor of Chiropractic followed by a postural analysis and receive exercises and/or stretches to help release soft tissue tension for pain relief.

Schedule online or call 303-577-9977.

Product & Injection Pick-ups

Food, product and injection pick-ups are available by appointment only. Payment must be made in advance with a scheduled pick-up time. Please call 303-577-9977.

All Ideal Protein Orders, must be placed online at or call Dawn directly at 303-905-9311.

Delivery of food and supplements may be an option at an additional cost.

Injection Therapy

Injections can be pick-up or administered at the office by our medical assistant. Vitamin and Mineral Injections are available, such as Vitamin B12, MIC, LIPO B, Vitamin, D, Vitamin C, Zinc and Magnesium. 

Additional injections include the our immune injections, such as Engystol and Echinacea. 


Schedule your appointment online or a pick-up by phone at 303-577-9977.

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